Bish MarriageJonathan Bish has an inspiring yoga story.  Like many people, he came to a yoga class for the first time considering it to be another form of exercise.  What he discovered was something much more life changing than he expected.  He tells his story like this: “Five years ago my husband and I lost over 100 pounds each through what we deemed as a lifestyle change:  more veggies, less processed food, and plenty of exercise.  We ran. We crunched. We Zumba’d.  But it wasn’t until Maya Yoga that I finally found what was missing from my new found wellness: Peace.”

Although apprehensive at first, an hour and a half and five sun salutations, standing series and seated series later, he Jonathan says he realized that practicing yoga isn’t just about practicing poses; practicing yoga is about practicing peace.  “Yoga is about learning how to connect to your higher self by calming the mind through practice and mediation on and off the mat.”

Bish funJonathan is a naturally fun-loving guy.  He is buoyant, boisterous, and bubbly.  He is happy.  But what he found in yoga was a stillness that he never knew would be valuable.   Jonathan thinks that savasana (corpse pose) is actually the most important yoga pose.  Why?  Stillness.  He says, “You will learn that breath is life:  some poses will test your strength and endurance, but the breath will always calm the mind and push you through.  You will also learn that while you are holding your big toe out in front of you while balancing on one leg and you start shaking and falling down; you are fighting yourself.”

But there’s more.  When you stop fighting yourself, what’s remaining?

Breath. Focus. Peace.  Enlightenment.  This is yoga.  Jonathan adds:

So quit fighting yourself and come to Maya Yoga, take a class from Lisa and find what your mind, body and spirit have been looking for all this time: Peace.”