patrickandstephaniePatrick Moore is anything but a ‘regular guy.’  Patrick is a loving father, an avid Ashtangi, a full-time minister, a former military chaplain.  Usually, ‘yoga’ and ‘military’ aren’t used in the same sentence, which is what makes Patrick’s story so interesting and inspiring.

Patrick’s ‘home’ practice started while he was deployed in Iraq in 2008. It was inspired by a visit from a professional wrestler turned yogi, Diamond Dallas Page.  Known throughout the land as ‘DDP’ this muscle-head yoga teacher visiting Patrick in Iraq teaching his brand of yoga called “Yoga for Regular Guys.”  Patrick was hooked.  “I decided that if DDP could do yoga, then I could too.  I started watching yoga videos, yoga youtube videos, and reading yoga books.” Patrick began his own ‘home’ practice in a place that was far from his Kansas City home.

As Patrick prepared to come home to Kansas City, he researched yoga studio options and ended up at Maya Yoga for his first vigorous noon vinyasa class.  “It was hard!” Patrick says with conviction.  “I sweat more in that class then I did while in Iraq!”

Patrick began learning the Ashtanga Primary Series and attending the Mysore-style class.  “I was fairly faithful for about 18 months.  However, lower back injuries, self-defeating laziness, and another deployment to Djibouti in 2014 meant that I was less regular for a few years.  I recommitted to a regular practice when I returned to the States in January 2015.”  Now, you can find Patrick at Maya Yoga almost every morning, learning from our talented staff of teachers.

Patrick feels blessed to experience the influence of different Maya Yoga teachers, and he credits their modeling of balancing strength with sweetness in the practice in teaching him how to stay regular in the practice without injury.  Patrick is quick to thank his teachers and the individual contributions to his yoga journey.  “Karen stays after me about my ‘breathing’ and doing the asanas with integrity.  Lisa models the union of spirit and body which is the essence of yoga.  Kim reminds me ‘to do no harm.’  And, of course, Gwen gives the best shoulder stand adjustments ever…it is amazing!”

However, the life-changing part of his yoga journey is his commitment to his meditation and prayer practice.  “I began to incorporate my contemplative prayer practice with my asana practice.  I end my Mysore practice with a 10-20 minute ‘prayer sit’ in the studio.  This change in my practice has literally been life changing, relationship saving, and personally enriching.  Ashtanga Yoga helps me to be a better United Methodist pastor, Army National Guard chaplain, and human being.  My wife can tell the difference when I have been away from yoga for more than 48 hours.”

Do you have a story like Patrick’s?  How has Ashtanga Yoga changed your life?  Join our Maya Yoga staff, and Patrick, for Mysore-style practice and experience the this important practice.