What my Body and Mind Craved
by Kris Rochelle

After a few years of inconsistent dabbling, I finally managed to establish a regular yoga practice just over a year ago. I found the ashtanga classes at Maya to be exactly what my body and mind craved, consistent and regimented.

My natural inclination is to assume that being confined to a specific series of movements would be restrictive and limit my freedom. I had no idea that performing the same practice five times a week would afford me such liberation of both body and mind.

I’m on the road traveling between six and eight months every year for work. Developing a practice that I can take on the road with me has provided me a quiet, peaceful space that feels like home wherever I am in the world.

Spending five or so hours seated traveling, performing a very physical show, and loading heavy gear every day takes a toll on the body. I’ve noticed a huge decline in injuries since I’ve started practicing regularly. I’m truly grateful for Maya Yoga and how everyone there has helped my growth both body and mind in my yoga practice. Many thanks!