Photo credit: Kelley Walker Chance

This is My Type of Yoga Class
by Garnet Griebel Booth

I have dabbled in yoga here and there but I never took to it fully. I am a runner and always felt that yoga didn’t get my heart rate up enough. It wasn’t until my time at Maya Yoga in Jesse Molina’s class that I understood the true health benefits of yoga. Jesse teaches about how each pose affects the body, the chakras and what we are actually doing to ourselves while stretching and holding poses.

After a few months of Ashtanga class, I felt significantly better. I could tell that my anxiety and stress levels were vastly improved. Ashtanga is hard, and it strengthens the muscles, and you leave feeling sweaty and tired. For a runner, this is my type of yoga class!

I have since moved away and have yet to find a yoga class that even comes close to Jesse’s Ashtanga class at Maya Yoga. She is a true gem and Maya Yoga is the perfect studio for her teaching style. I have been so inspired by Jesse, that I plan to get my own yoga teacher certification. I have Maya Yoga and Jesse to thank for this inspiration. Namaste!