Allison JensenLike most, Allison stumbled across Maya Yoga and showed up for her first class without a clue about Ashtanga Yoga.  This wouldn’t deter her, however, since Allison has a healthy appetite for new experiences.  She explains her experience as initially disorienting. “At first, I was disoriented and hyper-focused on ‘getting’ the sequence. After a couple of months of this approach something remarkable happened,” she says.

What was remarkable?  Her attention transferred from the need to perfect to the desire to explore the breath.  “During my Tuesday evening class, the instructor reminded us all to pay attention to our breath and I recall a few people around me were audibly on the mark. I made the decision to give up my focus on perfecting the posture and found Ujjayi breath.” 

And so, Allison entered what she calls “The Yoga Bubble.”  What is that, you may ask?  It’s the place where Allison found the present moment, where everything else fell away.   She says, “I was unaware of how much time had passed, unaware of noise outside and often other [people] in the room. It was as if I had blown myself an Ujjayi-breath filled yoga bubble.”

Allison found that she could stay in poses and deepen poses using ONLY the breath, not her strength of body.  She found she could reach poses which were previously unattainable to her. Some people might call this ‘magic,’ but Ashtangi’s call it ‘surrender.’

Allison explains, “By choosing to focus on the inner (breath), I was forced to surrender the outer (poses).  In the bubble, I am aware of the instructor’s guidance, my breathing and movement. Outside of the bubble, sirens are blaring, the person across from me just nailed their balancing poses like a Russian ballerina and I’m pretty sure this weekend I need a pedicure.”

allison jenson 2Allison found that the lasting effects of being in the Spirit and Breath filled bubble were lasting, far beyond her yoga mat. “Yoga in the bubble has allowed me to mourn the loss of loved ones, create solutions to interpersonal challenges, manifest joy, and peace with situations beyond my influence.”

Her description of how the yoga bubble impacts her life is poetic and and her invitation to join is magnetic.

 “When my mind gets quiet – my soul can step forward. The breath serves both. Oxygen serves the body and the lightness of mind serves the soul. In this way I create space between thoughts as in meditation. That is the moment when I meet myself on the mat.  My intention is to only practice yoga in “the bubble” and I invite you to the yogic bubble. It’s just a breath away.”