lilly-image-1-300x200“Stillness is the gift I receive from my yoga practice. Like a lens finding its focus on that one pixel of significance and then dissipating evenly back on the complete view of the universe, this is what I have experienced from practicing yoga. Sometimes that lens  is narrowed in on an awareness of gratitude for an individual, while other times a  conviction to correct a behavior or attitude.”

Lilly Gall’s articulation of the Yoga Sutras is scientific, aware, and precise.  She describes her experience with yoga exactly as Patanjali does in the second Yoga Sutra:  “Yoga is the cessation of the mind chatter.”  

From her dedicated Ashtanga Practice, Lilly has learned to focus on the present moment and find stillness amidst the repetitive motions of the Primary Series. “Throughout much of my life I have struggled with focusing on the task at hand, instead my mind has been filled with ruminations of concerns that have little to no relevance to the present, ” she concedes.  “In unstable periods of my life it was not uncommon for me to lock my keys in my car so often that I had to leave spare keys with my roommates.”

Lilly knows that her Yoga Practice also helps her process process potentially stressful situations more effectively. Her increased in concentration and decreased response to emotionally disturbing stimuli  have contributed to her success in her studies and finishing her degree.  Lilly invites every practice to be a study of the mind and the study of stillness.

Come, practice with Lilly and the rest of the Maya Yoga Family.  Experience the profound emotional and cognitive effects of our practice for yourself.