aarti“When I complete a class at Maya yoga I feel stretched out in both aspects physical and mental (body and mind).  I like that have 90  minutes in peace – to hear my own breathing, my own movements without any distraction of technology, ” Aarti says.

This quality time, away from distraction, is a blessing to Aarti, a professional educator who is constantly interacting with devices that make her feel ‘in demand.’

Aarti first found yoga as a complement to her running,  and was pleastanly surprised at the quality of instruction she received at Maya Yoga.  “At Maya, I learned how to breathe correctly during movement.  I incorporated that into my running.”  Aarti enjoys the Introduction to Vinyasa Classes on Wednesday nights because the variety keeps her motivated and she loves to learn new things.

She also truly values the sense of support and community at Maya Yoga. “The group practice at Maya is a very supportive environment with wonderful teachers and students who are all looking for the same and we help each other.  That is what it should be like in all of our communities outside of Yoga – being supportive and helpful whenever and wherever.

Those 90 minutes without distraction in a supportive environment?  An opportunity to focus on building strength and flexibility of both body and mind.  “Yoga has taught me that I can and should take time for myself.”