“The older we get, we tend to lose our flexibility.  And from what I can see, that’s the most important thing!”  Karen started practicing yoga over fifteen years ago and has stuck with it because she feels amazing every time she practices.  She feels limber, open, and young.  Karen Z

Over the years, Karen’s family and work schedule have preceded her yoga schedule, but never for long.  She wants to stay young, agile, and flexible even in old age.  “I go visit my mother every week, and I see how bound up her body is,” Karen explains.  “It’s like she is living in jail.  She can’t move well and has no flexibility.  I’m not going to let that be me!”

Karen loves Ashtanga because of the structure of the sequence. Even after practicing yoga for decades, the Ashtanga practice motivated Karen to learn and master new poses and skills.  The practice has become very important to her over the past few years and she hardly ever misses a Maya Yoga class. Karen even started learning Second Series with teacher Gwen Hull.

But that’s not all; the benefits are more than skin deep. “The foremost reason I practice yoga is that is increases my conscientiousness!  All the physical benefits I attain are due to proper breathing and asanas.  I also love how yoga calms the mind!”

Learning something new keeps Karen young, in both body and mind.