milicia“Something about Maya yoga drew me more than any other yoga studio had before. I loved the warm, sunlit room that was bare except for tapestries and figures of the gods, and an altar in one corner that featured Hindu, Buddhist and Christian symbols,” Milicia Acamovic says about Maya Yoga.
What else drew her in? “The vibe was unpretentious and calm–everyone just came in to do their thing.”  It was in this place of calm that Milicia felt she could connect with the present moment.  Even though the “Intro” Class was the hardest yoga class she’d ever taken, the physical challenge engaged her, drawing her in even more.
The challenge helped Milicia forget about everything else.  She forgot about the endless studying, the stress of adjusting to a new city and the worry over finding a good job.  Milicia attended noon classes at Maya, often fitting it in to her busy day.  Then, something drew her in even more: the allure of a daily self-guided Mysore Style practice.
She calls it an “important catalyst to straightening out my life.”
“The more that I aligned my body to the asanas, the more that I aligned my life, asking myself what is worth fighting for and what is better walked away from; in short, what adds to peace and what detracts from peace.”  In her yoga journey, Milicia could see and feel the way her thoughts varied dramatically from before her practice to after her practice. She felt connected, focused, present.
She explains it so eloquently: “To this day, I am fascinated by how disconnected from our bodies modern life encourages us to be, and how the simple magic of focusing on achieving the poses brings us back the the only real moment: the present. I find great kinship between yoga and my job figure modeling for art classes. Both allow me an opportunity to unite my body and mind and to experience the great joy of simply being.”