Yoga has played a huge role in Lacy’s health journey and changed her life completely.  She is an excellent evangelist for yoga as a means of reducing stress and healing the body.

lacyAt the young age of 23 , Lacy was told by her doctor that she would likely never be able to have babies. “This was incredibly crushing,’ she says,  “especially as a newlywed with dreams of having a big family.”

“I had been a fitness fanatic for years,” Lacy explains.  Obsessed with taking spin classes and I taught circuit training classes almost daily.”

Eventually, her body was so stressed and underweight that her reproductive organs stopped working.  “After a year of seeking treatment and failing I was advised to quit all stressful workouts and gain weight. This caused a great deal of anxiety. After doing research about yoga and its effects on holistic healing mentally and physically I showed up for my first class at Maya Yoga. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into!”  Lacy took all the intro classes and her husband even purchased her private yoga sessions with Lisa Ash for a Christmas present.  Lacy has been hooked ever since.

“Because of my Yoga practice, I’ve healed physically from malnourishment.  Yoga has taught me how to deal with stress in healthy ways and has made me more in tune with my body. Being able to focus on what my body can do as opposed to what it looks like during my practice has been incredibly freeing. After class I leave the studio relaxed, less stressed and ready for the next thing life throws at me. While I’m still on the path to healing I’m more optimistic than ever and have a renewed energy for life.” 

If you haven’t met Lacy, make sure you stop by on Sunday mornings for our Community Class and Monday nights for our Vinyasa Class with Melissa.  Lacy will be ready to greet you with a smile!  Her story is a valuable testimony to the healing power of yoga that changes minds and bodies.