Recharging My Spirit
by Danny Wortmann

I’ve worked in the service industry for over a decade and during the most recent busy season, I juggled three jobs. After sometimes spending more than fifty hours a week at work, my mind, body and spirit are exhausted. Keeping a regular schedule for practicing yoga has been difficult, but the chance to take an Ashtanga class with Maya Yoga always restores a bit of balance to my life.

 My practice has always been about recharging my spirit. Maya’s classes provide the physical and mental relief that any practice should, the feeling of oneness that I get after a class is at bit harder to find anywhere else. That feeling is something that helps me stay sane and make it through my long weeks.

I’ve practiced yoga on my own and at several other studios in the past, but the environment that the team at Maya Yoga has created has definitely been my favorite in Kansas City. Even when I’m not able to make it to a class every week, the things I have learned at Maya are useful in my daily routine to maintain my mind, body and spirit connection.