Jamie-k“Two years ago when I started taking classes at Maya Yoga I was in a very different place. I wasn’t a pillar of physical or mental health,” Jamie admits.

Now, Jamie makes her Ashtanga practice a regular part of her health routine.  She even stays at work late in order to come straight to Maya Yoga!

What changed? “I’d always enjoyed yoga classes but I never really dove into the full experience it can bring to your life,” she says.  “When I finally let go of my ego and started practicing for myself rather than for everyone else in the class I saw a huge change. I started this ego adjustment by listening to the words of my instructors, trying to really pay attention to each pose and do it correctly.”

Jamie found, overtime, that her Ashtanga practice made her feel courageous and strong. She found the courage to listen to her body each day and choosing to do the poses that fed her soul and felt good to her body.  “I don’t need to do a Full Wheel every day to feel accomplished in my practice!”  Jamie admits gleefully.

Jamie’s change of mind also put her focus on the breath work of the practice. “My practice turned into a lasting effect of calm, peace and mindfulness that stays throughout my week.  My practice is now my therapy.  And the effects both physically and mentally are invaluable to me.”

Come join Jamie on Tuesday nights for 90 minutes that will change your entire week!