AudreyGlaukia Cavalcanti started doing Ashtanga Yoga  aiming for physical fitness, but soon found the benefits transcend the physical aspects.

As she so eloquently puts it, “I keep coming back to my mat, because Ashtanga Yoga brings me closer to the person I want to become.”

As Glaukia tried various yoga classes and yoga studios, she found elements of Maya Yoga that drew her in.  As a very energetic person, the magnetic energy of the Shiva Studio called to her.  “I loved everything about my very first day at Maya.  I remember that when it was time for savasana on that first day, my body was pulsating exhaustion, but my mind wanted to smile.”

Glaukia, all smiles, also identifies the quality of the education as an important factor in her learning ‘proper yoga’ at Maya Yoga.

“I learned that breathing is way more important than what the asanas look like. I learned to stop looking at people around me and to look within instead. Since that first day, the learning has never stopped!”

Glaukia’s yoga education extends off the mat; she’s implementing the yamas and niyamas in her life. “I have tried to apply ahimsa – do no harm – in so many other facets of yoga to every single aspect of my life: to myself in classes by listening to my body and leaving my ego outside the room; to my body as a temple to my soul by treating it more respectfully; to my family and friends by being honestly present to them; to all beings by becoming a vegetarian. These are only a few examples… And they come so naturally with practice. I realized that “Practice and all is coming” could not be truer.”

Glaukia always has a hug and a smile ready for her instructors, because she believes that when she is practicing her yoga, she is closer to the type of person she wants to be.  She explains, “When I am practicing regularly, I am a more centered person; I eat better, sleep better, have better focus, see things with more clarity, and feel more energized and peaceful. I become better at minimizing expectations and welcoming acceptance.”