The Practice Can Break You Open

“Refinement of the body and mind through daily, focused yoga practice can break us open. Not in a debilitating way, but just a like seed that wants to germinate, we have to break that shell in order to start growing. Then, we just never want to stop,” Shaun Lindsey says passionately.

Shaun is a strong person: he’s a musician, father and yoga teacher. His Ashtanga Practice is strong, too: take one look at Shaun and it’s easy to see how years of dedicated practice sculpted his body to be strong and flexible.

But he’s quick to smile and remind us that the benefits of yoga go beyond just his physical well-being. “The philosophy behind the Ashtanga yoga system has had a profound impact on the way I process life. It’s not easy, but it’s also just practice.”

Shaun graduated from 2016 Maya Yoga Teacher Training with a wealth of knowledge on how to channel his strength from the yoga mat into his daily life, and, more importantly, how to teach this to others.

In the teacher training, he learned to facilitate a practice and to provide a space for people to learn and grow.

“One of the surprising side effects of learning to be hospitable to other people’s bodies is that I have learned to treat myself the same way in my own practice. I’ve learned to be honest with myself about where I am in my body that day, and I’ve learned how to adjust my practice accordingly,” he says.

This hospitable environment sounds like the perfect place for a seed of strength and wisdom to grow. And, as Shaun says, “we never want to stop.”