rebecca-brownRebecca Brown is an achiever.  She’s a devoted mother, health care practitioner, a Registered Respiratory Therapist, and holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration.  She knows her body and knows what she needs. In her busy life, her daily Mysore Style Ashtanga practice satisfies her need to move and be physically active, but she says, “Yoga satisfies other needs as well; the need for finding peace and ultimately patience.”

Rebecca says, “I notice when I am able to practice at least three days per week, my perceived stress level decreases, and conversely, my patience increases.  When I attend the meditation classes, my compassion increases.  Patience and compassion are important to both my family and my career because of the number of children I work with, including my own.”  As an Asthma educator, Rebecca spends her days working with children and families who suffer from not being able to breath.  Yoga is an incredible tool she can share with them!

One of the biggest impacts Ashtanga practice has made on her life is Rebecca’s ability to stay positive and responsive when faced with challenging situations.  Rebecca explains: “Yoga and meditation have both given me tools to manage difficult situations with more grace than before I started regular practice.  I am able to approach challenging situations more logically and proactively.”

The ease and patience she’s discovered through regular practice will keep Rebecca an Ashtangi for life!