Daniel BYears of weight lifting, boxing and running had made Daniel’s muscles extremely tight and not eager to loosen, so yoga was not an obvious, or an easy endeavor to begin with.  Daniel admits, “Going faster, harder and heavier was more my speed. However, whenever an injury or tweak would follow, it was yoga I’d turn to for repair and restoration.”

Thus began Daniel’s love affair with yoga.  The physical intensity of Ashtanga Yoga was appealing to Daniel as an athlete and the spiritual intensity of the was appealing to his artistic nature.  He began to notice that as his illustrating career progressed, he was sedentary for many hours of the day.  “I developed issues in my back and wrist. Which were only exacerbated by the aggressive practices I preferred.”

Daniel attended Maya Yoga with his wife Katie and eventually made noon classes a part of his daily ritual.  Despite his almost daily attendance, Daniel says he “still refused to recognize a true dedication to my yoga practice. I thought it supplemental to “real” exercise.”

But, as we say in the yoga world: “Practice and All is Coming!”  Daniel soon realized that his yoga practice was supportive a healthier lifestyle and a healthier outlook on life.  “One day I realized that yoga was like the partner that was always there to support and strengthen me. It pushed me to address the needs of my body and to confront imbalances in my life. It brought forth conflicts in my mind and spirit…and provided me the tools to resolve them,” he says.

Daniel now freely admires yoga and meditation as a recourse from his daily stressors.  “Its my time for me. To quiet my mind, explore my body’s capabilities, and be in the now.”