Your journey to a more fulfilled life starts here

We Were All Beginners Once

We realize you may be nervous about starting a yoga practice, but we invite you to come as you are — no experience necessary – and you don’t have to be flexible or athletic, either.

Maya Yoga is for everyone at all levels. Our teachers were beginners once too, and they have an abundance of compassion for anyone new to the practice. The beauty of practicing within a studio community is that you can learn from fellow students, by observing how more experienced students approach the practice.

Our elegant, powerful Ashtanga Yoga practice energizes our noncompetitive community. Every movement, breath, and line of vision has been practiced for thousands of years, just like today. Consequently, you will participate in a tradition passed down through generations of yogis. It is a practice you can trust.

Based on the numerous student stories and scientific research, we know Yoga makes us better. With a regular practice, it will change your life in the most wonderful ways.

In class, our highly trained teachers will guide you into poses in new ways that will elevate your practice. If you’ve never done Ashtanga Primary Series or Vinyasa yoga, please begin by taking “Introduction to Ashtanga”  or “Introduction to Vinyasa” classes.

We welcome and celebrate your presence at Maya Yoga.

Studio Special for New Students

If you are brand new to Maya Yoga, we offer 30 days of yoga for $30. So, begin your yoga journey with any class we offer [Kansas City area residents only].

It’s Actually Easy To Get Started

There’s no need to pre-register. Just arrive 10-15 minutes before your first visit to Maya Yoga. Since you will need to complete a release form when you arrive, you are welcome to download a copy (see below) and bring your completed form with you. If you own your own mat, please bring it, along with a hand towel to class. We rent mats and towels for $1 each, if you need one. Remember to dress comfortably and keep in mind that the room is heated. It is best to wear a snug-fitting top because a loose shirt can fall open when you bend forward. Comfortable yoga pants or long shorts are good. Don’t wear shorts that are too short because you may be uncomfortable in some of the poses. Bikini tops are not appropriate.

A Special Opportunity for Beginners!

The Beginner Series is a 4 week class designed just for those new to yoga, or those that want to learn more in a smaller, hands-on classroom. Learn more about the
Beginner Series and contact us directly via phone or email if you have any additional questions before signing up.