Kelly L.When Kelly Ludwig, school teacher and mother of two, turned fifty years old, she challenged herself to learn something new.  Her love for music inspired her to enroll in piano lessons.  It didn’t work the way she anticipated: “I took lessons for a few months and then quit,”  she says.  It just wasn’t the right fit.

Then, a friend invited her to a yoga class.  The first class was like coming home.

“I loved the first yoga class and immediately planned to practice yoga the rest of my life.  It seems that my plan for “learning something new” at fifty still came true!”

Kelly explains why she was immediately drawn to yoga.  “I have been very blessed in my life to have a wonderful family.  I have always been an optimistic, positive and happy person. Yet, there was something missing. Life was great, but I needed something more.  Yoga was the something missing from my life.

After a few years of taking evening yoga classes,  I decided I wanted to begin my day with yoga. I was introduced to Maya Yoga from my friends at InBliss Yoga Studio.  I started in Lisa’s 6:00 am class; the first time I walked into Maya Yoga, I felt a wave of comfort come over me.  In Kathleen’s meditation class that I renewed my spiritual side. Everything just made sense to me, yoga taught me to concentrate on myself and grow into who I can become.

Yoga has taught me to appreciate everything I have.  Yoga has taught me to treat my body right. Yoga has taught me to become in tune with my body. Yoga has introduced me to many people in my life I now call my friends. Yoga has taught me to challenge myself in ways I never thought possible. Yoga has given me a natural way to deal with my anxiety and stress. Yoga has touched every area of my life.

Yoga helps me daily find my inner peace.  I have even merged my love for teaching kids with my love for yoga. I believe every child in the world would benefit from breathing, meditation and yoga practices. I’m proud to teach Kid’s Yoga classes and share my love for finding inner peace!

I was told a few months after I started yoga, that ‘older’ people sometimes regret all the time they missed before starting yoga. The way I look at it is I am just thrilled to discover something I want in my life on a daily basis forever.