More than I could have Imagined
by Virginia Zetmeir

Since beginning a meditation and yoga practice at Maya Yoga, I am finding courage and more peace than ever in this existence, knowing that the work is endless. I first spent time only attending meditation and then delved into ashtanga yoga having never had a consistent practice before. Meditation has personally helped me to coordinate my life and check in with myself each and every day. Being open to guidance through meditation has expanded my personal language to the world around me and within me and this never goes away when I leave a class. ­­

The rigorous movement and momentum of ashtanga yoga has awoken more in me than I could have ever imagined or was aware. This vulnerable and emotional journey isn’t easy and its natural forthcomings are only gifts to learn from each day. For me, gaining physical strength and rediscovering flexibility are very important in overcoming grief and trauma from the past and it feels that Maya accepts these goals and wants to provide more knowledge and advice beyond its studio. All of the teachers at Maya that I have practiced with exude their uniqueness through their different sets of knowledge on physical, mental and spiritual levels.