janee-church-300x200“Over the past few years [before finding Maya Yoga] I’d been nurturing an increasingly ridiculous amount of anxiety and negative thinking. Committing to yoga was part of my plan to emerge from that destructive path.”

Janee came to a Mysore-Style class one morning was hooked.  She’d taken yoga classes prior, but had not learned the Ashtanga System.  The idea of having a set routine that she could commit to, practice, and learn, was immediately intriguing.  “I found joyfulness in the Mysore classes!”

It was in this welcoming space that Janee was able to break through her habitual habits of negative self-talk. It was like emerging from darkness into joy and light.  “Looking around the studio at everyone working on different poses, I sometimes compare us to children on a playground. Leaving my ego and expectations at the door has opened me up to tapping into my more youthful and less judgmental self. It’s helped me to lighten up.”

For this, Janee is grateful. After a year of practice, she is stronger, happier, and more joyful.  And her Primary Series poses are become more advanced.  Because of this motivation, Janee is committed to continue a life long relationship with Ashtanga Yoga.

“It is ongoing practice,” she says. “The little gifts of insight stick with me for further reflection throughout the day.  And I practice moving myself away from the anxiety and negativity and towards thoughts and feelings that are more joyful.”

Join Janee, feel joy again.

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