Jim SincoxMeet Jim Sincox.  He’s a long time yoga student, and loves a good challenge.  His job has him traveling many days out of the week, so he’s never quite sure when he can get to class, but he thrives on the Thursday night Primary Series classes.  As he explains, he’s “been doing yoga off and on for maybe 10 years, but unfortunately more off than on.”  However, he loves being active and wants to stay young, so he keeps at it.
Jim owes a debt of gratitude to his yoga practice for alleviating his back and shoulder pain.  As he says, he knows that if he stays away too long, he’ll stiffen up and be in pain.  “Over the years, I’ve tried everything from chiropractic and acupuncture to epidural steroid injections for lower back and shoulder pain.  Nothing has consistently help alleviate the symptoms as yoga has.  I feel that with continued practice, I can ward off some of the physical frailties that come with advancing age and stay active as I’ve always been.”
Jim also appreciates how centered he feels after his practice.  He knows that the emotional and mental benefits of his practice are just as far-reaching as the physical effects.  He says the calming and centering effects of practice can really be an advantage when everyone has so much crammed into a day.  “I love the thought of being able to throw all of the nagging thoughts of ‘I should be…‘ and just let the breath and poses take over for a while.”
Jim knows that he won’t set aside the time to practice at home, so he makes it to class at Maya to practice with a group as often as he can.  If you haven’t met Jim, make sure you say hello the next time you see him — you’ll be meeting a man with a genuine heart of gold and a passionate yogi.