When you meet Daniel Tacchi on his way to practice the Full Series at Maya Yoga, the first thing you will notice is his winning smile.  Dan has a spring in his step; he’s one of those guys that is brilliantly talented and hardworking, and also extremely humble.

danDan’s first encounter with yoga was happenstance: but it changed his life.  Dan wasn’t always the positive, smiling guy you’ll meet today.  A month before his 12th birthday, Dan’s mother passed away from melanoma cancer.  He says her death left him angry, confused, and alone.  “I trusted little and opened up to few,” he says.  “Those were not healthy ways to live my life. I would continue to battle those issues throughout my life with some success here and there, but it was never permanent.”

Fast forward to his college experience at Central Missouri State University and the gift that would change Daniel’s direction forever.

He tells it like this:  “One day, someone came up to me on campus and asked if I wanted a book, I said, ‘Sure, why not?’ When I realized I would have to pay for said book, I politely declined. I went to my car, drove home, and came back to campus an hour later for an afternoon class and work.  I returned to my car later and noticed a book placed underneath my windshield wiper titled Bhagavad Gita.  This book would proceed to sit on my bookshelf.”  Over a year later, Dan learned the significance of this book in relation to yoga.

Then, Daniel got a job, moved to Kansas City and attend his first ever yoga class, which happened to be at Maya Yoga.

Before his first class, Dan says he was “legitimately nervous.”  He describes the many vrittis that were racing through his head.  “I was thinking, ‘I’m not flexible enough, I’m not in great shape, I don’t know these people, everyone is going to realize I’m out of place.’ Welp, those thoughts were a waste of energy. After my first several ‘Intro to Ashtanga’ classes, I was immediately hooked!”

Dan immediately signed up for unlimited Membership without even visiting other studios because he knew he had found home.

How did his daily yoga practice change him?  “I quickly began noticing changes in my physical appearance, but that isn’t the only thing that kept me coming back. Yoga has given me a more positive outlook on life, enabled me to become more at ease, and has allowed me to open up and begin placing trust in the world around me.  I think that is a very important component.”

dan headstandDan loves meditation for the same reason.  He never misses a Sunday morning Meditation Class, and has even started attending the 6 am classes so he can meditate and reduce stress before going to work.  Dan describesit like this:  “Yoga is a commitment to yourself that assists with the process of discovering who you truly are, not what you or anyone else thinks you should be. Nothing about yoga is easy, but neither is life.  So embrace the challenge, see if you can look at the world through a different lens, and remind yourself that you’re just beginning a very long, but also extremely fulfilling process.”

Practice with Dan.  He’ll be happy to help you change your outlook on life and be a companion on this long and fulfilling process.