Eric Skii love How many of you can say that your whole life has changed due to the location of your office?

It’s true for Eric!  He first met Maya Yoga when the studio moved into the building above his law office over a decade ago!

Every once in a while, Eric, an avid skiier and outdoor enthusiast, would walk up a flight of stairs and sneak into a yoga class.  He wasn’t sure it was something he’d stick with at first, but it was conveniently located for a lunch time break.

“Maya Yoga then proceeded to change my life in powerful and beautiful ways!” Eric says!

“Maya introduced me to the discipline of yoga.  I’ve never tolerated any indoors exercise, but this is different.  The Maya group, from the owner on down, are committed to meditation and the spiritual side of yoga, and exposure to that has slowly but certainly changed my life—or at least, it has given me optimism that my life can be changed.” Eric has shared this positive outlook with his family by bringing his children and his sister to Sunday morning Meditation Classes.  Eric’s practice really took off when he attended an Alignment Workshop in 2015 and learned the precise movements of Ashtanga had energetic meaning.

But the biggest influence Maya has had on his life?  His love life!

“I met my love at a yoga potluck!” Eric says, without shyness.  He’s quick to add: “But, seriously don’t go for that reason because you are not really supposed to notice the other people in a romantic way at class!”

We can’t promise you’ll meet your romantic partner at Maya Yoga, but we can promise you will fall in love.