isabel-fgamily“I started yoga to try to lose and distract myself, and I ended up finding myself and my passion in life,” Isabel Rodriguez says simply.

Isabel began practicing yoga during a difficult and emotionally tumultuous time in her life.  She was learning to deal with the grief of a losing a close friend and the stress of caring for ill family members.  She heard that yoga could help with stress, and she simply stepped on her mat to cope.  She fell in love with the practice during her very first yoga class.

Isabel’s love of practicing yoga inspired her to share that love with others, so she joined the Maya Yoga 2016 Teacher Training program. “If I could just introduce yoga to one person and have it help them the way it helped me I would be happy,” Isabel says.

“Through my teacher training I have learned that yoga is more than doing a handstand (although they are fun); it is about the breath, living in the present moment, and so much more.”  Isabel practices Ashtanga in class settings and in her home practice, loving the way it makes her mind and body feel.  isabel-pincha

“Te moment I step on my mat, whether to meditate or practice, I feel grounded,” she says.  “During that time I can just concentrate on my breath and movement and not the worries and stress of the day. Once I step off the mat, I do have to come back to reality and there are imperfect days, but yoga helps me to face the day a little calmer and a little more patient. I hold yoga as a very important part of my life, and I look forward to sharing it with others.”