Healthier and Happier
by Haley Sheriff

I was tired, stressed, and in desperate need of an outlet when I started Maya Yoga’s Beginner Series. Week by week, my intrigue for the practice grew, and after taking my first Intro class I knew that yoga was something that, for the sake of my sanity, I needed to continue. 

 What drew me to yoga was its pursuit of mental and emotional wellbeing; my mind needed as much help as my body. I wanted a physical activity that not only relieved me of stress, but also helped me manage it. Regularly attending class has done just that, and yet, I don’t even need to be present at the studio to practice and reap its benefits. I just need to be present (and remember to inhale!).

 During the evening weekday classes, I look forward to sunset, when I’m sprawled across my mat in savasana, when the cool breeze from the open window tickles the chimes and carries the soft hum of the outside traffic. Surrounded by the calm of a day’s end, with my body less tense and my thoughts less critical, I am finally at ease. I like myself—the way I think, the way I speak, the way I act—so much more after yoga. 

It’s been a little over one year of practice, and I’ve never been healthier or happier. I enjoy and appreciate learning under the instruction of such talented, dedicated, and kind people. The love that each teacher has for their practice—enough to take the time to share it with others—is palpable in each class. Thank you so much—it is a pleasure to be a student in such a great community!