MeleaLike most of us, Melea took her first yoga class at a gym.  She enjoyed her classes, but life got in the way, and she stopped practicing.  Now, Melea Siebert practices at Maya Yoga four times a week.  She describes it as ‘a priceless experience.’  She says, “I’ve learned to be more patient, compassionate and forgiving. I’m no longer as reactive as I once was, and I’m much more able to simply ‘observe’ everyday conflicts without participating. And most importantly: when I’m practicing regularly, I feel happier than I can ever remember feeling. The feelings of peace, happiness and serenity are priceless.

Melea noticed that when she wasn’t practicing, she worked too much, worried too much, and used her own and unsuccessful devices tried to stay sane in an insane world.  The constant rise and fall of her emotional state was like a roller coaster.  “I struggled with depression, anxiety, PTSD and simply did as I was told. Therapy, medication, support groups, repeat,” she explains.  Nothing seemed to work.

Fast forward thirteen years from her very first yoga class and enter Melea, working full time in Kansas City Corporate Culture and still looking for answers.  She found Maya Yoga.  “I immediately felt a deep sense of warmth and acceptance and was struck by the sense of community among the instructors and students. I was among like-minded people. I had found my place of solace.”

“No matter how hopeless I may feel or how dark the world may seem at any given moment, I know I can get on my mat (at a studio or in my home) and everything will be okay. Yoga is my spiritual, emotional and physical safe haven. I’m truly blessed to have discovered this ancient practice,” Melea says.