Robin Burns is a morning person.  She and her husband live and work in the Crossroads district, which means Robin gets up in the dark to walk to Maya Yoga for her 6 am practice.  She never misses a day because she loves the way the yoga practice calms her mind and helps her focus on her work throughout the day.

robin“When asked why I am dedicated to my yoga practice and how yoga has changed my life, my first thought was that yoga continues to change my life each time I practice.

“I like how the practice helps me focus more on what is right in front of me.  I can get going in so many directions that I lose sight of a goal or a opportunity.  Being quiet and focusing helps me to stay on track.

Every year, Robin and her husband sit down together and write family and individual goals for the year ahead.  This year, she decided to write yoga goals.  “These included listening to my body during yoga, with the specific intent to focus on becoming more gentle with the words and thoughts in my mind.”

Robin loves to practice in the early morning.  “It is such a great start to my day– it ‘fine tunes’ what is important.  I think yoga continues to teach me to be more patient, to take responsibility for how I treat my body and how I feel.”

“A favorite book of mine talks about acting how I want to feel. Yoga continues to teach me that each day we get to make a decision with how we feel. Some days are easier than others, but I enjoy getting back on the mat and trying each day. I also really love the community of people that yoga creates. I look forward to seeing them in class and I so appreciate being taught by thoughtful, caring instructors.”

Robin is a dedicated morning student at Maya Yoga!  Join her, her morning community, and instructor Lisa Ash, for 6 am classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.