Fitness for the Mind

Jim Wilkinson first started practicing yoga as a new fitness program. And it worked: it improved his core strength, flexibility, back health, and balance. “But just as important, yoga calms my mind and reduces my stress. It helps me become a more relaxed and patient person. Yoga is a fitness program for my body and my mind.”

With a myriad of yoga disciplines to choose from, why Ashtanga Yoga?  Jim explains it very simply: “I like its history and its integrity. I like its discipline of one breath – one move. I like the way the practice builds, with earlier poses preparing the body for later poses.” It just makes sense.

Despite the physical challenges of starting the Ashtanga Yoga system as a beginner, Jim was inspired. His consistent Tuesday night practices offer him an opportunity to feel his stamina increasing and his stress decreasing. He is also inspired by watching advanced Ashtangi’s practicing their own Mysore Style. He sees the beauty and grace of the physical practice. “That beauty inspires me to continue practicing on a regular basis,” he says. While I’m still a beginner, I take satisfaction from the improvements I see in my own practice.”