“I used to dabble in all forms of yoga until I found Ashtanga,” Jessica Molina begins.  When she tried Ashtanga ay Maya Yoga, she knew she had found what she’d been looking for.

“Ashtanga at Maya Yoga gave me the structure to build my knowledge of yoga, all while developing my own strong internal practice that I could take throughout my life.”

When Jessica first started practicing at Maya, her life felt a little scattered.  She was in school, she was trying our new jobs, and she wasn’t sure where her life was headed.  “I noticed small things changing in my life at first when I intensified my Ashtanga practice. Those small things started adding up over time and when I stepped back, I realized my perception of the world had shifted for the better. My interpersonal relationships were stronger, my previous anxiety about my future had dissipated, and I started to live more in the present moment.”

reflectionsJesse was surprised to find that her Ashtanga practice nurtured her creative side.  Her goal of studying design and working as an artist became more possible and substantial.  She explains: “Ashtanga has taken me to places within myself I didn’t even know existed. These places gave me new insights of beauty  and creativity in the world. This has been a transformative experience that
has kept me on my yoga mat practicing with a heart full of gratitude ever since.”
Jesse participated in the Work Study program at Maya, completed a 5 month intern, and even subbed classes occasionally.  Ashtanga Yoga truly changed her life, her career path and her sense of self!