Julie MaupinMaya Student Julie Maupin shares how her life, her parenting, and her marriage have improved because of her healthy ‘yoga addiction’.

” A year ago, if you asked me about yoga, I would have laughed and explained how I tried it once (watching an instructional video) and how it is not for me because I’m not flexible.

Truth be told, the thought of doing yoga used to intimidate me and the idea of meditating stressed me out. I had no idea: clueless.

Today, my feelings are completely to the contrary.  I love practicing yoga at Maya and crave the inner peace and tranquility it helps me achieve.  Throughout the past 10 months, I have created positive internal feelings that I carry throughout parenting, my career, my daily interactions and overall quality of life.   If you were to ask my husband, Andy, how yoga has changed me, he would reply something to the fact that I’m much more laid back, let things go more easily and how I am not as quick to react to things as I once did.  Each time I practice, I am challenged to breathe, let go of tension and fill my body and mind with serenity.

So, do I like yoga?  YES!  I am addicted…  I guess there are worse things you could yearn for other than the practice of yoga.

I’m truly honored to be a yogi and will continue to embrace Ashtanga yoga in my life routine.  I admire all of my Maya family and appreciate being a part of such a grand studio. Many thanks to you!!!