img_2346When asked why she dedicated herself to a year’s Membership at Maya Yoga, Emily puts it simply: “I was looking for something that would help me release my stress and improve my body’s strength.” She wanted to be strong, both emotionally and physically.  At the time, Emily was a full-time nanny and full-time student.  Working multiple jobs and being very active keep Emily on-the-go and often caused stress.

Emily used running as an outlet for her stress, but her running only resulted in discomfort. For years, she tried chiropractic and massage therapy to relieve her ‘runner’s knee’, but the pain persisted. It wasn’t until she started practicing yoga that she found relief.

She says, “After months of dedicated practice at Maya yoga I’ve noticed a huge shift in my mood and my body’s strength. My posture has improved and my knee pain is non-existent. I’ve learned with consistent practice that I only continue to improve and that motivates me to keep going.”