travis-sTravis Strawn is not your typical Midwestern finance guy. In his twenties, he became interested in the various practices and beliefs of Eastern Traditions, particularly Buddhist philosophy and certain forms of Indian philosophy. He then learned of vipassana and zazen meditation. These two practices, he explains, became an insightful staple for him.  He used these meditation techniques as a tangible “means to mitigate or eliminate anxiety, understand my mind, and develop a greater way to maximize my potential in everyday life.” Now, as a young adult working a 9-5 job and creating a meaningful life, he also practices Ashtanga Yoga as well.

As Travis became more and more enamored with his meditation practice, he grew quizzical about other aspects of his health. He began to wonder: how did the way he treated his body affect his mind?

He explains: “Over time I became more and more interested in various ways to increase my physical and mental potential (e.g. clearer thinking, completing tasks and goals, becoming less impulsive, etc.), while also working toward a more ethical and meaningful way of living. This would include becoming more aware of my diet and the food that I ate, education, and cardio and strength training exercises, as well as maintaining a meditation practice.”


While his diet, education, and physical exercise certainly helped his mind maintain clarity, these changes only scratched the surface.

Enter: yoga. 

After going to several studios in Kansas City, Travis knew Maya Yoga was the best place for him.  He was enamored by the physical intensity of the Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes, the quality of the teachers, and the close alignment with the traditional teachings of yoga.

Travis says his Ashtanga practice is a perfect, “balance between the mental health acquired in a meditation practice, such as vipassana, and the physical health acquired in a cardio or strength training practice.”

He also enjoys how, “Ashtanga’s consistent series of poses can allow a person to work on being mindful of their breath without being too overwhelmed by thoughts or a lack of understanding new or inconsistent poses.”

Travis found yoga during his cerebral pursuit and discovered it to be the key component in his physical and mental well-being.  He just may be a practioner for life!