Mitchell 1Mitchell Cota calls himself, “an Aspiring Yogi.”  Mitchell, a graduate student at the University of Missouri Kansas City, is a highly talented, motivated individual. However, what really motivated him to practice Ashtanga was the Community.

He calls his journey at Maya Yoga a personal testament to Community Strength.

Mitchell explains: “Originally I practiced yoga by myself after battling with depression. I used the quietness, the mediation, and the autonomy to find myself. I silenced my internal thoughts to reflect upon the clutter and vital issues of my life.”

But then, he learned about the Beginner Series at Mayga Yoga.  A friend and classmate at UMKC invited Mitchell to sign up for the 4-week Beginner Series on Thursday nights, and he was hooked.  Mitchell says that he was already beginning to become attended to the meditative part of yoga, but this community setting really sealed the deal.

“Not only did this class build a community [for me],” Mitchell says, “but it helped perfect my poses that I could never get with my home practice. This started a solid foundation for my introduction into the general classes.”  Right after finishing the Beginner Series, Mitchell signed up to become a Member at Maya Yoga.  Ashtanga classes became an important part of his week.  He even started practicing the Full Primary Series after a few short months.
mitchell 2Mitchell says, “I cannot imagine my life without yoga at the center of it, and it all began with Maya’s Beginner Series.  Who would have guessed that this would become one of the best of decisions of my life?  ”

Mitchell isn’t quiet about the impact yoga has made on his life: “I have become more flexible in body and mind, and I have built strength in my core and heart.”

And he plans on practicing for the rest of his life.