lindsay“As a person that could barely touch my toes coming in, I am truly amazed at the things that my body can do now and I can’t wait to continue this life practice to discover the many benefits that have yet to unfold,” Lindsay marvels.

As with most of us, Lindsay Harmon originally started yoga as motivation to stretch more often.  She’d always viewed herself as inflexible and thought yoga would be a good complement to her daily running routine.  Lindsay says, “My expectations of the benefits of yoga were purely physical. I could never have anticipated that yoga would have transformed my own sense of self and the world around me.”

Now, she’s doing her yoga poses in crazy places—even on BART platforms while traveling in San Francisco!

lindsay-bartLindsay signed up to take the Beginner’s Series at Maya Yoga.  Initially, during the 4-week series, she found breathing to be the hardest thing to grasp.  But that led her to discover the thing she loves most about the practice of yoga.  “What I love most about the practice of yoga is self-acceptance. I know that I’m not always doing the poses right and that’s okay. Rather than focusing so intently on perfecting the pose, I focus on connecting body to breath.”  Now, attending regular classes at Maya Yoga is the highlight of her week.

What does she love second best?  The overall strength and resilience she’s discovered through her yoga practice.  She admits, “Some days the practice is harder than others, but I can’t help but think: if I can do this, what can’t I do?”

This mindset encourages Lindsay to continue growing her practice and get to know her fellow students.

“When I come to Maya, I am sharing a space with people that come from different walks of life, but all gather together to engage in a practice of peace through the connection of body and mind.  Overall, yoga has made me stronger physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”