Lacey Adair first heard about yoga in her early 20’s, but thought it was not for her.  A committed athlete for many years, Lacey was naturally competitive and enjoyed fast paced sports like tennis and fast pitch softball.
LacyWhen she reached adulthood and focused on her career, she realized she spent more time working and less time ‘working out.’   “I loved my new career as a dog groomer and soon became successful enough that I wanted to own my own business,” Lacey explains.
She found time to take her dogs on long walks but it just wasn’t enough. Long hours standing at her grooming business translated into low back pain.  “My back started to kill me and when I would get up in the mornings, I was not able to walk straight up and down.  I was feeling like an old person and I was not even 30!”
That’s when Lacey knew she needed a change.  “I tried chiropractors and acupuncture.  Those helped but not enough, so I started yoga DVD’s at home and knew after a few months that this was something that could heal me.”
Lacey’s search for the best yoga began.  “I started searching on YouTube and found this a video of a ‘bad ass yogini’ named Briohny Smyth! I wanted to do what she was doing in this video.  After more researching, I found an old video from the 1990’s of Pattabhi Jois.”  Pattabhi Jois is the guru of Ashtanga Yoga and the video was of the Primary Series: Lacey was hooked.
Lacey started attending classes at Maya Yoga and found that the regular practice changed her life!  ” I thought I would never be able to do what I am doing today,” she explains.  “Ashtanga has helped me grow in so many different areas of my life.  As a business owner, and a woman, I feel more confident in my decisions and in my own skin.  Because of the courage I learned through Ashtanga, I am now successful and confident with who I am.  I don’t question myself as much anymore.”
This confidence Lacey speaks of is exactly that we mean at Maya Yoga when we say: Experience Your Best Self!  If you are like Lacey and need some videos to practice at home, check out Maya Yoga’s Resource Page for videos and on-line classes.  We have something for everyone!