Alyssa 1Alyssa Murray is a professional musician with a profound connection to the benefits of Sitting Meditation.  Her love of the Ashtanga series developed when she learned about the Philosophy of the 8-limbed path and how the Primary Series is a quest to unite quiet meditation with active movement.  Alyssa finds solace in the Primary Series and share her story here:

“I began practicing Ashtanga yoga when I was looking for a meditative practice to integrate into my life. At the time, I had a consistent sitting practice… but I wondered if I could find a practice that combined both the mental and physical.

I had done yoga before but never approached it as a meditative practice and didn’t know philosophically what lay behind it. After some basic research, I discovered the eight-limbs of Patanjali which resonated with me and were similar to the previous Buddhist teachings I had been working with. From there I began to explore the primary series at home and made plans to re-visit to Maya Yoga.

Stepping back onto the mat and into the studio, I noticed how my sitting practice radically changed my experience with asana practice. I was able to recognize how the invigorating physical postures in Ashtanga create opportunities for one to use one’s breath to work through mental and physical resistance. This simple aspect of the practice is one I have applied in all parts of my life.

When faced with a mental or emotional block, I find myself more often redirecting toward a beneficial mentality. This has allowed me to move past self-serving mindsets and relax when I recognize the greater Divine forces at hand.

Alyssa pianoWith yoga, I know how to better surrender and trust life through God, by the way of my own breath. 

Having a daily space and practice in which I’m able to connect to my higher self is a true blessing. It’s comforting to know I have a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual tool in my life that can guide me through whatever may come. Every time I practice at Maya I’m always inspired to deepen and continue my yoga practice on all levels. It’s truly a blessing to have such a great collection and community of people to practice and grow with!”


You can learn more about Alyssa and find her music on her site: Alyssa Murray Music