andreaAndrea Holt’s first yoga experiences consisted of 30 minute DVD’s and a few odd classes here and there.  She figured it was a good stress-relieving activity she could do in the comfort of her own home.  Now, she thinks of yoga as a way to learn how to tackle life’s trials and celebrate its successes.

“I used to play it so safe in this wild world, but my journey with Maya Yoga and my Ashtanga experience has given me so much confidence!  I’ve gained more faith in taking risks and diving into opportunities that I would not have jumped on before.”

Andrea’s Ashtanga experience was a ‘dive-in-head-first’ experience.  She applied for Maya Yoga’s Work Study Program the minute she moved back to Kansas City after leaving her job in Southern California.   By working at the front desk a few days a week, Andrea got to know other students and listened to their struggles.  She helped build community at Maya Yoga, and in doing so, expanded her view to include individual perspectives that differed from her own.  She says, “The community I gained from practicing at Maya is way more important than I ever thought it could be.”

“By breathing and struggling together during class, it helped me relate to others and develop a desire for understanding other perspectives.  We are all striving for our best in the pose, but we are all working to rise above different pressures weighing in on our spirit and mind,” Andrea explains.

Andrea has a gift for making others feel welcome; her smile is radiant!  She is articulate, dedicated to details and hard working.  One big surprise?  Andrea claims her confidence came from her yoga practice!

“Maya Yoga has taken me on a journey.   I’ve learned to be more self-reliant, positive, compassionate, and determined. My mind, spirit, and body have transformed into a ‘new Andrea’ that believes in and sees not only herself differently, but the also sees the world differently.”

We hope you, too, will experience the transformation of body, mind and spirit through your yoga practice.  Come, practice with us.